Monday, 28 February 2011

Nutrition and Fitness Seminar

Fine fettle’s Nutritional Therapist Helen Williams and Personal Trainer Kim Raine who runs Fine fettle’s boot camps have organised another weight loss seminar to be held on Saturday 5th March at the beautiful Manor House Spa hotel near Guildford.

Balanced Fat Loss Seminars

Everything you need to know for the body you want.

How do you feel about your body and health right now?

Would you like to change but don’t know how?

Are you fed up with being misled and confused with all of the different information we are bombarded with?

Then join us for a day that covers fast and easy weight loss from all angles- mind, body and soul. It’s packed full of information and motivation. This is the day that will get you ready and raring to live life. A totally unique approach, as far as we know no-one else offers this total package.

Our last day in January was a phenomenal success:

In an email from Val – attended seminar Jan 2011

“By the way I have lost over a stone and gone down at least

1 dress size, some smaller clothes fit and I was bulging out of

the bigger size! People are starting to notice,

even my 14 yr old students who would not notice if a gorilla

walked into the classroom! It’s amazing!”

We still have places available for our next seminar on Saturday March 5th.

Join Helen Williams, Nutritional therapist and motivational weight loss coach, Kim Raine, Personal Trainer and creator of the F.A.S.T body transformation blueprint and Francesca Stutely Hypnotherapy and NLP coach as they guide you step by step through the facts and fallacies of weight loss and share with you the proven, practical and super-powerful techniques they use to generate amazing results for their clients FAST!

The only requirement to attend this mind blowing day is your commitment.

If you are ready to take control of your body and health and have had enough of being stuck in a rut then join us on March 5th.

From the friendships and support that were born on our previous seminars we have also set up a members only site full of helpful content so that all attendees can stay in touch with us and each other to carry on with their positive attitudes and have ongoing support and advice.

If you cannot make March 5th then please visit our website and register for a free “Secrets of Easy Fat Loss” full of tips you can use now. We’ll also let you know when further seminar dates are confirmed.


Balanced Fat Loss Seminar for Men

Want to know more?

Check out our website

Or contact Kim on 07594 806576 or Helen on 07731 865141

So what do you say? Are you ready to change?

Only YOU can make 2011 YOUR year!

Friday, 11 February 2011

Fine Fettle Therapists and "Vernon Kay Under Pressure" ITV 2 Wed 16th February

Mel Healy, Sports Therapist and Head of Rehabilitation at Fine Fettle Multi healthcare, and Usha Christmas Sports Therapist at Fine Fettle multi-healthcare have been working hard through all types of weather with Vernon Kay and his American Football Challenge.  Mel and Usha provided training advice and injury care for over 40 players over the last couple of months.

The ITV 2 programme which goes out this week on Wednesday 16th February followed Vernon Kay and his former junior American Football teammates reliving their dreams of playing American Football.  However they were not as young and some as fit as they used to be and Usha and Mel had their work cut out getting them up to the grade and keeping them fit to play.

The programme shows them training and their finale of a game against Birmingham University Team where the guys put up a valiant fight and you will watch to see the outcome!!

As well as working at Fine Fettle Usha Christmas is the head trainer for the London Cobras American Football team and Mel Healy is the head trainer for the GB Lions  and London Olympians American Football teams.  Both highly qualified in their field of training and injury support and rehabilitation. 

To book appointments with Usha or Mel please contact Fine Fettle on or call 01372 458984.  For further information about any therapist at Fine Fettle or for further details

Well done to both Mel and Usha - All at Fine Fettle are very proud of your achievements. 

VERNON - its about time you followed FinefettleMHC on twitter!!!