Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Sue's penultimate blog

Alittle rant........

Everybody is allowed a little rant every now and then and this is mine........
The majority of us take some time out of our busy lives to look after ourselves which I think is a pretty good idea........(you can hear the 'but' coming can't you?, well that's not quite right because I am an NLPer so I use the word 'however').......however it's usually something physical, having our hair cut, seeing an osteopath if our body needs putting back to default, going for a massage, going to the dentist, going to our gp, I could go on. You notice that there is nothing about our minds or emotions, a lot of people seem to think of it as a weakness or a waste of time to take stock of our lives and see if there is anything we want to change or see how close we are to achieving the goals we have set ourselves (if we've set any that is!). I heard someone once say 'Change is an action not a reaction' and this is so true. So why not make 2013 your year to put that right, take some time to audit your life and take care of your mind and emotions? You don't know what you can achieve until you try.
This reminds me of a quote from 'Alice in Wonderland'
Alice 'That's impossible.'
Mad Hatter 'only if you believe it is'
Ok end of rant, feel better now I've got that off my chest.
Why not pop in and see me in Fine Fettle in the New Year and see if hypnotherapy or NLP Coaching can help you make the changes you want?

Until next time


Sue Ford
Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Coach

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Hi still going  only two more bloggs after this one!  I'll ignore those of you that cheered!  This week I'd like people to think about how much confidence they've got and whether they would like more.

I am reminded of a story of a man called Jack Who carried a box that was strapped to his back It was the same box he carried every day Carefully, protectively, come what may 'What's in the box? '
People would wonder
'What's in the box ?'
People would ponder
'Is it a fish like a cod?'
Jack definitely did not nod
'Is it an exotic flower for us to see ?'
Jack would smile enigmatically
'Is it a document of vital importance ?'
Jack would shake his head with annoyance Until one day a boy asked him outright 'What is in the box? '
Jack looked at the boy and his smile was bright He put the box down just missing his socks Which were purple and orange with holes in each toe through these holes his nails would grow He pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket And then a pencil and his mother's locket And after that a firework rocket Which if lit may take your eye out of its socket He leaned the piece of paper on the lid And wrote..My voice I call it Sid 'What's it doing in the box?' the boy asked I'm looking after it Jack wrote at last Protecting and caring for it The boy was silent for a bit 'How does it sound?'
Jack looked puzzled
Wrote on the paper and looked around
'I don't know he's been muzzled'
'How strange' said the boy
'To have a voice and never speak
To have a voice that could never express joy Does it make you feel like a freak?'
Jack shrugged expressively
'Do you not have any questions?'the boy asked Jack nodded vigorously 'Well what's stopping you?' the boy said at last Rubbing his face rigorously Jack scribbled Do you think I could?
He was so excited he actually dribbled!

Think and speak outside the box
Your opinion is unique and valid

Pop in and have a free 15 minute chat with Sue and see if hypnotherapy or NLP could be something that you could use.

See you next week

Sue x

Fine Fettle Multi-healthcare
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Friday, 30 November 2012

Imagination by Sue Ford

Hi, me again....have been thinking about imagination and creativity this week.
Freeing up your imagination and releasing your creativity is like opening a door in your mind and hundreds of exquisite butterflies streaming out filling the air around you with gentle ripples of glorious colour. Feeling the brush of invention caress your cheek  as their wings lift them higher the sound of beating wings, a gentle lullaby, taking your dreams ideas and inspirations with them, releasing them into the universe letting them expand and develop. Some soar too quickly and like Icarus they melt and fall. They weren't fully formed, they had no direction, no focus, some faded as they saw how bright their companions were, but some...... glowed brighter until their beauty was awe inspiring and took your breath away and you're glad you released them and didn't keep them hidden away.
Then there are one or two that lead you down a different path to places that you didn't know existed. Places that can change ideas, beliefs and your life's goals.

Do you want to look at changing ideas or your life goals. Do you want to release your creativity? Why not come and have free 15 minute chat to see if hypnotherapy and NLP can help you?

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Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Here we have listed details of our first 2013 training courses:


A 3 hour workshop for therapists of any modality, exploring with NLP, verbal, non verbal, intentional and unintentional communication .
As a therapist there are many things you do instinctively, however when you become aware of what you are doing you can expand or change it depending on your patient or client. We will also discuss rapport building and how it can be used effectively to make your job easier and to make your patient feel more comfortable and relaxed.  
Tutor: Sue Ford is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, NLP Life Coach and a Hypnotherapy Trainer working out of Fine Fettle in Bookham and Elite Clinics in Wimbledon.  
DATE: SATURDAY 19th of JANUARY 2013  2-5pm
COST:  £50


Accredited First Aid Course*.
Presented by Gareth Workman a qualified Physiotherapist and experienced First Aid Trainer. This course will cover life threatening priorities; management of the unconscious casualty; Cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR); Circulatory disorders like shock, heart attack and severe bleeding as the main subjects. Topics covered will be in line with Health and Safety requirements .
 *The course is validated through Aid Training.
DATE: SATURDAY 3rd February 2-5PM


           SUNDAY  6th April 2013 10-1PM

DRESS: Appropriate loose fitting clothes
COST: £55 (includes accreditation fee for Aid Training)

 TO BOOK ANY TRAINING COURSE AT FINE FETTLE OR FOR FURTHER INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT US ON 01732 458984 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            01732 458984      end_of_the_skype_highlighting OR  email info@finefettle.org

CHANGE? By Sue Ford

SUE's 4th BLOG
Well nearly half way there of my once a week blogs up to Christmas. I'm going to let you decide what todays blog is about.....

Be brave for 20 seconds.....
That is all it would take
20 ticks of the clock he reckons
To change for everyone's sake

20 blinks of an eye
To step forward and say
Words that would make them cry
do it do not delay

20 breaths of a baby
He would if he knew how
He can.. Well maybe
Stand straight and do it now

20 chinese whispers 
Changing as they pass
Sounds gentle inquisitors
Then they'd raise a glass

20 gentle raps
Knocking at the door
Opportunity perhaps
Act now before the furore

To be brave he must face his fears
No matter how large or small
Breaking new frontiers
He must confront them all

20 seconds to change
Should he or shouldn't he
What do you think?

Why not pop in for a free 15 minute chat and see if hypnotherapy or NLP can help with anything you want to change? Don't forget if you have any comments you'd like to post I'd love to read them.

See you next week


Sue Ford
Clinical Hypnotherapist
NLP practitioner

01372 458984 Fine Fettle Multi-healthcare

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Worry Worry Worry by Sue Ford (hypnotherapy/NLP)

Well here we are week 3 of my blog and it hasn't been too onerous, in fact if I am honest I've quite enjoyed it - I might even consider continuing after Christmas!
Today's blog is about worries.

Jerry lived in a little flat on his own he was a very anxious person he worried about everything. Someone told him to write a worry down and that would make it disappear - well that was a load of rubbish he now dragged around a carrier bag that was full of bits of paper each with a worry written on! And not one had gone away he knew because he checked every day. As each day passed the bag became heavier and heavier and he became more and more anxious. Friends suggested he read all of the bits of paper and decided which ones to keep, which were important and which we're out of date and could be thrown because they were obsolete. He thought this was a great idea he laboriously went through the carrier bag again piece by piece and managed to get rid of the princely amount of nine and a half (the half one was because the problem was out of date but he knew it would come back at the same time next year, so it was just a worry on the back burner!)

None of this was helping, he was making himself ill. He had to do something but he didn't know what. One day when he was sitting on a park bench now with 2 carrier bags bursting at the seams resting on the floor by his feet. A large dog ran past and the bags went flying, each one of Jerry's worries took flight. The dog leapt into the air trying to catch the pieces of paper, Jerry leapt into the air trying to catch the pieces of paper, the old lady with her shopping trolley jumped into the air trying to catch the pieces of paper but to no avail. Some pieces of paper had got stuck in the trees some were floating on the pond,others were fluttering down as if it was a paper snow storm. All Jerry's worries were out there in the world out of his control and guess what nothing had happened no major disasters no catastrophes not even one minor disruption. Jerry began to laugh, the large dog barked happily and the old lady with the shopping trolley carried on about her business with a gentle smile on her face. Is this one of those happy ever after fairy tales? No, because Jerry will surely have new worries tomorrow but it is a story of possibility for change and finding coping strategies. Sometimes it's simply worth trying something different.

Do you feel snowed under with anxieties or overwhelmed with worries, why not see if hypnotherapy or NLP can help?

See you next week

To have a free 15 minute chat with Sue to see if hypnotherapy or NLP may be able to help you, contact us at info@finefettle.org or phone us on 01372 458984

Thursday, 8 November 2012

A post from a happy Fine Fettle customer......

Kevin Betts is a charity runner and a patient of Helen Bullen - Owner of Fine Fettle.  

Kev ran 52 marathons in memory of his Dad, Dick, who took his own life in 2003. He decided he wanted to make the most of the situation and use his experiences to demonstrate that out of adversity can come great strength and fortitude. Kev now dedicates a lot of time to talking to people about his challenge, about sport and about the importance of motivation, goal setting and positive mental health. Anecdotes are his thing – from being banned from Macdonalds in Shoreham for overuse of the lavatory facilities, to being caught putting Vaseline between his bum cheeks in a reputable gym, he has a way of getting tough things to make you smile. 

This is what Kevin had to say about Helen today in his count down of people who inspire him.  Helen made number 20!

People who inspire me: Day 20:Person 20

I’ve had an exhausting day where I’ve read a book about WordPress (thankfully, I  am now able to press a word), met some students and met a very like minded person who has an amazing outlook on life. More on her another time, I’m sure.
So on to today’s person. There are obviously people reading this thing, because I’ve had a fair few “I’d better be on there one day” remarks. Maybe, maybe not! Today, it’s someone who has never asked to be on here, and who would never expect to be on here, let alone want to be! It’s a lovely lady called Helen Bullen, who works 25 hours a day on her passion – Fine Fettle Multi Healthcare.
Helen is an Osteopath whose business offers everything from hypnotherapy to sports massage. She first got in touch with me right at the start of the 52 marathon challenge and simply said that if there’s any way she can help, she will. And she did! Advice, guidance, information, treatment, encouragement, laughs, pep talks – the lot! And never has she asked for a penny or an ounce of recognition.
Helen is the type of person who will offer you the world because she truly believes in what she is doing and the things her business has to offer. They’ve recently won a national award and I really believe that’s completely down to their open, honest and personal approach to what they do. There is no salesmanship, they are people who offer you everything you need and not a bit more. They don’t rip you off – they’re way too good for that.
Helen is as nice a person as you could meet. She exudes enthusiasm and appears to be a fantastic boss (I say appears to be, as I’ve never worked for her. Potentially, she might be a psychopath who locks her employees away. Although I doubt it.). She gives up her time for free, as well as her facilities, staff and equipment. You will find her on any given weekend out somewhere offering FREE treatments to people taking part in events for charity. If they are given money, it all goes to charity. She gives back over and over again. And people know that, and as a marketing tool it must pay dividends. Good on them!
When I first met Helen, she was ‘just an osteopath’. But having learned more about her, it turns out she’s one of the very best. She’s also something like an ex international volleyball player. Helen often flies to Dublin because she has a fancy job there. She’s something like the academic vice chancellor for magical osteopath skills. She takes an active role in teaching others her skills and as role models go, you couldn’t get better. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting her, try not to be infected by her enthusiasm – I dare you. It’s impossible – she’s more infectious than bird flu and you’ll leave a treatment from her with the desire to go and run a marathon there and then.
Helen inspires me to see the best in people, to give things back for free and to be enthusiastic about what I do. She’s made me want to do something that I truly love and to reap the rewards as a by-product of effort and giving, rather than as a direct goal. It’s because of Helen getting involved that I managed to complete my challenge and it’s because of Helen that I was able to keep running and say I. Won’t. Stop

Thanks Kevin for writing this.  You are right I do love what I do but your achievements far outweigh what little I did to support you on your challenge.  An amazing man - inspiring so many!! Helen Bullen 
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Sue's second blog - To write or not to write? ......PROCRASTINATION

It was being heard across the nation
Peter suffered from procrastination
First he had a dither then he had a pause
Before he knew what hit him he'd broken all the laws

About time being precious
What a crime it was to waste
he had to search his subconscious
He had to amend this with haste

Should he go left or should he go right
Maybe put off the decision till Saturday night
He scoured the horizon with his 20:20 vision
No wonder people looked at him with derision

Two steps forward three steps back
Should he wear a jumper or a plastic mac?
Was it best to walk or fly a plane
Better still maybe take the train

This was getting him nowhere
A case this serious was so rare
If he didn't move every so often
They'd carry him off in a bamboo coffin

Four steps forward then three in reverse
This hesitation was a curse
Gloria his friend made a suggestion
To get rid of his procrastination

Why don't you see a hypnotherapist
They could deal with this delaying terrorist
What you need is motivation
But where to start is relaxation

Although this poem is a light hearted look at procrastination for some people it is really serious and has a huge negative effect on their life. I believe hypnotherapy can help because as it says in the poem 'the place to start is relaxation' and hypnotherapy is able to help people relax and reassess what they are doing and why they are doing it. Sometimes the reasons can be quite surprising.
See you next week

To book a free 15 minute chat with Sue contact her on:
01372 458984
sueford@mail.com or info@finefettle.org

Thursday, 1 November 2012


My name is Sue and I am one of the hypnotherapists at Fine Fettle. Anyone who has met me knows how passionate I am about what I do, I wax lyrical about hypnosis and nlp  to anyone who stands still long enough to listen (I hasten to add I do stop if I see their eyes begin to glaze over - well mostly!)
When I see clients I talk a lot about three things in particular:-
1. Choices
2. Changes
3. Challenges

The other day I was thinking how much do I use these three things in my life - probably not as much as might be useful! So I have decided to bite the bullet and incorporate them more. Therefore I have set myself a challenge of writing a blog once a week until the end of the year.
I have always wanted to have a go at blogging but you know what it's like...... All the questions start flooding in:-
What shall I write about?
Will people be interested in what I have to say?
Have I got time?
And many more.....
However you can put loads of hurdles in front of something you want to do and put it off and delay it and think about it and discuss it.
The light bulb moment came when I realised 'you don't know unless you try!' Obvious really, but sometimes it's hard to see what 's under your nose.
So..... This is my FIRST BLOG...
I hope you enjoy reading them and I would love any comments back if you feel inclined.
My SECOND BLOG is going to be about the very thing I mentioned here, putting things off, in other words PROCRASTINATION.
See you next week

Hypnotherapist at Fine Fettle Multi-healthcare

Saturday, 27 October 2012

2nd Place....How to appreciate your achievements!!

Last weekend was a tense weekend for Fine Fettle MHC and for myself and my Practice Manager Debbie as we fought for two places in the top 3 in the UK and in Guernsey.

Fine Fettle Multi-healthcare, as you can read in my last blog, were amazingly short listed to the final three in the CAM UK clinic of the year competition.  The awards took place last Sunday.  Meanwhile myself and Debbie Frost (my Practice Manager, former team mate and England International) were away in Guernsey playing in the Guernsey Volleyball Open.

For those that don't know myself or Debbie I need to explain that we both used to play top level volleyball in the UK playing Division 1 (top division)  for Ashcombe, Dorking for many years.  Debbie is also an ex England player who has many caps and is listed in the volleyball hall of fame for her contribution to England Volleyball.  What I do have to add is that we are both now retired from top level volleyball, in fact neither of us have played properly for years.

Well we travelled out to Guernsey to meet out former team mates for a fun tournament with no pressure on winning games as only three out of the 9 of our team had played in the last year.  Well despite all the odds and after a shaky start we actually found out that we still have some of what it takes and by the semi finals we blew the opposition away.  The finals loomed but despite a great performance, considering our lack of any match play, we lost but it was a well fought game and we were ecstatic  to have got so far.  A money prize and trophies were gratefully received.

Meanwhile, Eddie my partner had travelled to Earls Court for the presentation of  the clinic awards and again we just lost in the final.  I have to admit I was gutted to come a runner up but as this week has passed I have realised what an achievement it was to be runner up in the UK clinic awards.  An amazing achievement as we have only been open 2 1/2 years. To be the 2nd best clinic in the country really isn't that bad!!

So coming second twice was actually amazing and I need to appreciate what we have done.  Initially, being so competitive I was down that we had not won either but after some reflection and hearing the congratulations from our patients and friends I have realised that 2nd isn't that bad..............

If you have not visited us yet at Fine Fettle then do pop in to see us.  We are a friendly bunch and love meeting new people and telling them what we do. We also have our trophy and certificate up in reception!!


Chief runner up.......Helen Bullen - Fine Fettle Multi-healthcare!!!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Wow, Wow, Wow...................

Way back in early September I (Helen Bullen) decided to enter Fine Fettle in the CAM (Complementary Natural and Integrated Healthcare) Clinic Awards. Anyone who knows me will know that I live and breath Fine Fettle and we so strive to be the best clinic there is.

I actually didn't tell anyone at Fine Fettle I had entered us, as being such a large competition and nationwide I  wasn't sure we would be recognised.  I duly sent off all our details within the set number of words and secretly crossed my fingers...Well today it all paid off.  Early today we got a call, much to the surprise of reception, from the CAM expo organisers to ask us to attend their awards ceremony on Sunday 21st of October 2012 as we had been short listed to the final three for the

THE FINAL THREE - this is an incredible achievement for us and we will be proud what ever the outcome.  The award is to be judged by a group of industry professionals and will be presented at camexpo, the industry's most presitgious event, which takes place at Earls Court on Sunday 21st of October.

I will add, however that so far Fine Fettle has come runner up in the Leatherhead Chamber of Commerce Business of the year awards 2010 and I was runner up in Business Personality awards 2010 and we came 3rd in the Leatherhead Chamber Customer Care awards in 2011.  SO PLEASE - COULD WE JUST WIN ONE!!!  This one also has a £500 reward for coming first!!

The next problem is the awards are this Sunday. Well after 4 years of not playing volleyball very much it is just this weekend that I happen to be playing in the Guernsey Volleyball Open  with all my old team mates.  We won this tournament for about 10 years in a row and although we are all ageing I  think a double win on Sunday would be fantastic!!  (I can hear my mates laughing now...I probably wont be walking on Sunday let alone getting to the final!!)  Just as an aside the Guernsey Open final is always worth getting into.  I have had many years of being on Guernsey TV coming out of a smoke filled corridor to strobbing lights on court to be presented to the crowd!!  Those were the days!!  Can the old girl make a come back!!???

So what to do about Sunday????  Well luckily I have some fantastic therapists at Fine Fettle and 3 of them hope to get up to Earls Court for the awards.  Team Fine Fettle are a fantastic group of therapist who all put in 100% into the clinic.  They are the people that make Fine Fettle the fantastic multi-healthcare centre and I truly THANK them all for working with me and for providing such excellent care for all our clients.

Will blog again soon with the result but we are already ecstatic that we are short listed to the final 3 from so many other clinics nationwide.  WELL DONE TO THE FETTLER TEAM!!

Owner and Senior Osteopath
BSc (Hons) Ost Med, MSMA


Thursday, 11 October 2012



In late March I signed up to cycle from Lands End to John O'Groats as part of the Deloitte Ride Across Britain event.
My good friend Nicola, was undergoing treatment for a rare head tumour at the Royal Marsden at the time, and to try and allay any feelings of being utterly useless, decided that raising money for the Royal Marsden was the only thing I could do.

I am a keen cyclist but the Ride Across Britain event was quite an undertaking - over 960 miles in 9 days. I was one of over 600 who took part, cycling through some of Britain's best scenery. From the sunlit, saw-tooth profiles of Cornwall and Devon, flat(ish) but wet stages through Shropshire and the north west, to the windswept peaks of the Lake district and the epic grandeur of the Scottish Highlands.

A knee injury on day 1 made the first 3 stages rather testing, but crashing at 20mph on day 5 made the rest of the trip even more of a challenge. (a note to all cyclists, always wear a helmet. My helmet did it's job, it cracked, my head didn't!) Getting up at 5.30 from a cold, wet tent, with gravel rash on my knee, hip, shoulder and hands wasn't fun. But that, and cycling 100+ miles in a day was an easy thing to do when compared with the operations and treatments that my friend and thousands of others go through. That thought spurred me on and kept my pedals turning until the finish line at John O'Groats.

Riding from Lands End to John O'Groats was a brilliant challenge - the British weather played it's part - we had sun, rain, sleet, some tailwinds, some headwinds, and hills are hills. The sense of achievement at completing it is, in itself, great but knowing that I was raising money for a fantastic cause made it even better. My friend Nicola was given the all-clear in August, others who find themselves at the Royal Marsden might not be so lucky. If you would like to donate money to the Royal Marsden to help them continue to do such brilliant work please visit my fundraising page...



Jonathan Ellsmore 
Sports Therapist/rehab specialist/personal trainer and cycling enthusiast from FINE FETTLE.

If you would like to book an appointment for treatment with Jonathan please call 01372 458984 or email info@finefettle.org.

KT23 4AG

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Injury - will the Osteopath be able to take her own advice!!

Hi All

Well the Olympics are here and I have been building my preparation for the game for the last 4 years and blow me if I get injured just before the start!!!

I may jest in my building for the Olympics but I thought I should put pen to paper to report on my injury and how as even an amateur 'jogger' it has been one of the hardest things to get my head around over the last 3 weeks.

About 3 weeks ago,..well actually 23 days and 4 hours...not that I am counting, I returned from a hilly run over Norbury park to suddenly feel my left calf tear at the musculo-tendinous  junction.  Now, I pride myself in being pretty tough and have kept going in both running events and volleyball matches with injuries but this was different.  The pain was so acute I was stopped in my tracks - literally!  Luckily my daughter was with me and the car was not far.

Over the next 3 days I rested completely, I iced and strapped the area...all good on the 'taking my own advice' ....so far!  The calf responded well and I decided in my joggers wisdom rather than my Osteopathic wisdom that it would be fine to have a little jog out to "test" the leg as by now I thought it couldn't have been that bad after all.  So I am sure you have guessed but it was not good, in fact so bad that this time I was stranded on Bookham common and had to physically limp my way back to the car and struggled to drive myself home.

Limping I arrived at work and booked straight in for treatment and was "told off" by members of my team at Fine Fettle for even thinking I was fit to go back out running.  Treatment done I then took a whole 7 days off (yes I was advised to take more) However 7 days was not enough to stop me limping so my Osteopathic wisdom advised more rest and eccentric work to the area. By now I was mentally in pieces as running is my love and to have it taken away for even a short time torture!!

So over these 7 days the Olympic started and although I love the winning bits I have to say my heart goes out to those that don't achieve what they had set out to do and especially those that get injured.  The odd thing about being an Osteopath with a heavy interest in sport is that you actually are really interested in the injuries, you want the camera to be on the athlete so you can see what the manual therapist does.  I am often found shouting obscenities when the "magic water" tipped on an area cures the problem and the athlete writhing in pain is suddenly cured!!! That said it made me reflect on my feeling of being injured.  I love running (yes to close friends I know I whinge about it too) and when I can't run I am lost.  I use running to relax to see the country side and to get that great feeling of improvement and achieving goals. As most people know I used to play National League Volleyball and that was my passion and running was just a way to keep fit for that but now I've retired running is my "fix".

The GB team has done fantastically in these Olympics but spare a thought for those that didn't get to where they wanted and especially those athletes that got injured.  Only yesterday GB Decathlon Daniel Awde was out of the games after injuring his knee.  Not long before his injury he had run a PB of 10.71 in the 100m.  How must that feel after 4 years (or more) of life changing training and pure hard work?  I just can't imagine what they are going through after the years of anticipation and hard work and it certainly puts my little calf strain into perspective. I still remember Derek Redmond in 1992 when he tore his hamstring during the 400m semi final and insisted on completing the lap - what guts and courage and how emotional we all were watching his father jump past security to help him continue!

So back to my injury, now in perspective when compared with others, I decided against advice to give it another go strapped in green levotape!! (yes like the athletes at the Olympics) Running however was still not an option as  I found out on Monday and I again decided enough was enough I wanted to get back out for a run.  This time I decided in my wisdom that I would get a lift up the hill to Bockets farm and gently run home.  This would have been about a mile - perfect ...BUT I decided after 2 minutes that it felt great so I added on a 2 mile loop.  WHEN WILL I TAKE MY OWN ADVICE?  So after 1 mile I was reduced to tears and doing an odd run and walk style to get home.  Although there were tears they were from realisation that I had to stop running for longer than a week, in fact the realisation that perhaps 6 weeks of rehab may be more advisable.

So ice pack back on and active rest prescribed I started to think how would I advise a patient..... 10 years qualified and another 4 years before that training and it took me all that time to do the right thing? I suppose it just makes me human and I have to say I very rarely tell athletes to completely stop training if I can avoid it as I know that feeling.

I have now joined the local gym as I may not be able to do ballistic type work with my calf yet but I can still exercise if I do the right thing.


I have to be honest and say I don't really like gyms (even though I am a qualified gym instructor) and I had to drag myself down for my induction.  I arrived nice and early to fill in the forms and just before walking into the reception met a past student of mine so had a lovely chat with him.  I then turned to reception where I knew the receptionist so another lovely chat and a giggle.  I was starting to enjoy this gym lark...I was then passed onto the receptionist who filled in the forms and she was a patient at Fine Fettle so again I had a lovely chat...this training was great I was having a whale of a time!!  Why had I avoided the gym for so long?

I arrived in the gym and stood outside the instructors door waiting when blow me another patient and friend rushed up to greet me, this was great even if the hug was slightly sweaty!! Then the door from a nearby studio opened and ....I knew the instructor...this was fantastic. Perhaps I could just get the runners high from seeing people I knew at the gym!!! ? This training was going to be easy!!!!

My induction instructor arrived and I suddenly realised he was waiting to start whilst I was having my social fix!!  I made my apologies to friends and patients and tried to pretend I was giving him my whole attention.  The guy was really good and half way through I thought it was fair to say I was a gym instructor too and had actually worked at the old gym about 10 years ago.  This worked well and we whizzed through the induction.

I arrived home after 20 minutes of induction and idle chit chat!! and felt like I had really trained.  Shame I didn't actually do any training.  My partner had cooked tea as I was so late home..this gym stuff was really going to be fantastic!!!


So I had to actually go to the gym to work out.  I had instructions from my own  Osteopathic Wisdom NOT to go on the treadmills yet and not to do any classes that involved impact through my left leg.  EASY I thought until I looked around and I was just longing to get on the treadmill, they had TV and everything and the Boxercise sounded good!! All went well and I trained hard on the cross trainer (with low resistance - Osteopathic Wisdom), the bike and the rowing machine.  Weights for my core - which to be honest is non existent and boy did I feel it a few hours later!! Coughing is not an option at the moment.

One thing that did shock me at the gym was the amount of people lifting weights incorrectly, especially young lads egging each other on to lift really big weights that they had no way of lifting without recruiting the wrong areas and putting their other joints in danger.  My advice is to lift weights properly  and forget what other people are doing - for example try to isolate the muscle you are training,  Don't use momentum to do your biceps curls use a lower weight that allows you to isolate the area and not use your lower back to assist.  Osteopaths really don't wish injury on patients and we often advise people on how to train properly to prevent injury.


So now I am into this and loving being back to exercise, I hadn't realised I was so addicted!!! I arrived at 6.50 am this morning in my padded shorts for a 45 minute session.  How hard could that be?  45 minutes was half a work out surely.....

My Osteopathic wisdom advised no out of saddle work and to work up the resistance depending on any pain felt.  No pain felt so off I went.  Hell for leather for the first 35 minutes trying to compete with everyone in the room even the instructor!! I even had thoughts positions to reduce wind resistance and perhaps a sleek helmet to help me go faster but with or without a visor? I still have the competitive streak but hardly worth it as we all on static bikes and lets face it unless I have a bike slightly further forward than others I was never going to come first over the line!! Shame I didn't figure this out until the end.  Next time I will gently ease my bike forward before we start.  Anyway lots of huffing and puffing and of course I pushed myself to have a higher gear than the next guy but I have to say he looked a little less red and sweaty at the end.

The lady the other side of me was stunning and how I wished she hadn't sat next to me.  I was dripping sweat by the end and she was quietly glowing beside me!! There I was mopping down myself and worse the bike and floor too after the session.  On the plus side I did not venture out of my seat which would have put pressure on my achilles - that was the hardest part.

So what next...well tomorrow is a rest day with some basic eccentric work on my calf but Sunday I am back for spinning. Well I am if I can sit down by then.....

Will keep you updated and perhaps I may convert to the gym?  More likely I will combine the two as my love is running outdoors in the mud sweating as much as I like with hills that are not optional, instead just the way home.  Don't think they will every re create that in any gym! Will they?

Happy training


PS well done to the GB womens volleyball team in the London 2012 Olympics.  These girls held their own at the event without any funding.  A massive achievement!  Lets hope they get funding for RIO!!!!! I'm going to book my ticket!!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

New Balls Please - Testicular Cancer, DO YOU KNOW THE SIGNS?

New Balls Please

Here at Fine Fettle we have a broad range of people using our services – young, old, sporty, the less active, men and women.  This means, particularly for our manual therapy professionals, we need to have an awareness of some of the health issues facing particular groups of patients and it is one of the reasons why we take such a thorough case history when you first come to see us – we need to make sure (as much as we can) that we are dealing with a condition which is treatable using manual therapy and there is not some underlying condition which is causing your symptoms.

Some groups are better than others at doing various health checks – sorry guys it does tend to be the ladies who are more aware of what they should be doing on a regular basis.  Quite a few of the health issues avoided tend to have an element of embarrassment which also contributes to certain groups being less health aware about conditions that can affect them.  In particular teenage boys and young men can be unaware of what they should be doing.  So here goes ....

Testicular Cancer ...  is a young man’s disease, and yet this age group can have the greatest sense of invincibility from illness.  It affects around 2,000 men a year in the UK and is the most common form of cancer in men aged between 15-44 years old.    For some reason (as of yet unknown) the incidence of testicular cancer has more than doubled since 1975.  Other factors which can increase the chances are:  a significant risk is an undescended testis at birth; inherited genetic factors can be significant – having a father, brother or son who has had testicular cancer can increase the risk of getting the disease.

The common symptoms are:  a lump can be felt in 97% of cases and approximately 86% of these will be painless; an enlargement of the testicle; a feeling of heaviness in the scrotum; a dull ache in the abdomen or groin.  If you do have any of these symptoms, don’t just wait and hope that they disappear - go and get checked out by your doctor. Most lumps are not cancerous but the earlier you find out, the earlier you can get any necessary treatment.

Regular self-examination will help you become more aware of the normal feel and size of your testicles so that any abnormalities can be spotted early on.  It only takes a few minutes to perform and is best performed monthly after you have had a bath or shower when your scrotum will be warm and relaxed.  Support the scrotum in the palm of your hand and become familiar with the size and weight of each testicle. Examine each testicle by rolling it between your fingers and thumb. Gently feel for lumps, swellings, or changes in firmness.  Each testicle has an epididymis that runs behind it which carries sperm to the penis and can often be mistaken for an abnormal lump.  Don’t panic if you feel this – it’s normal.

Fine Fettle will have some leaflets from Orchid the male cancer charity, available from the end of July – pop in and pick one up for yourself or if not for you, for somebody you care about.

98% of testicular cancer cases can be treated if caught earlier enough. So come on boys 'check yourself out'!

Author Rachel Lambert - Osteopath Fine Fettle Multi-healthcare

My partner had testicular cancer at the age of 24 and is proof that there are cases where the disease can be stopped and eradicated when found early.  He had is 50th birthday this year. He has a fantastic scar across his abdomen (after removal of lymph nodes in his abdomen) which he now tells people is a shark bite!!  - Helen Bullen (owner and Osteopath at Fine Fettle)

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Team Fine Fettle/News

Well its been a bit of a long time since I blogged.  I had intended to download our newsletter that was finished a few weeks ago but the system wouldn't let me so no more excuses and here is some of our news....

Fine Fettle have been nominated for a "Customer Service" award in the Leatherhead Chamber of Commerce Business Awards.  We are delighted to be taking part again in the Leatherhead Chamber Awards and would love to do better than runner-up which we achieved in the Business Personality (me!!) and the Business Awards in 2011. My patients love to tell me I "almost" have a personality!!  However, not a bad outcome considering we were only just a year old but coming from a competitive background coming 2nd (even if it was twice) is just not close enough!!  So this year we would like to "win" something BUT we need your votes.  If you would like to cast a vote please go to:

  • www.leatherheadawards.com 
  • click "vote now"
  • Enter your details and then tick the box next to Fine Fettle's entry (under the customer service catagory)
The closing date is May 1st 2012 but please get your votes in now!!  

GROUP CLASSES - Book now for classes after Easter break

Our group classes are proving very popular and next term starting the week of the 16th of April we will be running:

Pilates - Tuesday   1.15pm to 2.15pm and 2.15pm to 3.15pm

             Thursday  7pm - 8pm

Classes are filling up fast so please register you interest asap to guarantee a place on the next terms classes.

Our group classes are small groups only with a maximum of 10 clients attending (we like to keep it to 8).  This allows the instructor to carefully monitor the group and ensure that the right level is being given to each individual.  Our instructors are fantastic and everyone that goes just love Gail and Cheryl.  


Fine Fettle's new IBS support centre offers a multi-disciplinary approach including nutrition, Osteopathy, Hypnotherapy and Massage to support diagnosed sufferers.  Free drop in clinic to chat to a practitioner on Monday bi weekly.  Call reception to find out more 01372 458984


Well its that time of year again where the therapists at Fine Fettle head out to provide after care support for runners.  Last Sunday saw us at the Surrey Spitfire event run by the brilliant team at Events to Live from Ashtead.  The Spitfire is an event which lets a lot of runners who are training for one of the many marathons that are coming up in the next 6-8 weeks go the 20 mile distance.  

Luckily despite the forecast the weather held and the majority of the runners achieved their training goals of 20 miles.  

Fine Fettle donate all the takings from the charity events we do to the race charity which on this occasion was the  RAF rehabilitation centre at Headley Court in Leatherhead.  Team Fine Fettle raised over £330 for the charity - thank you to all the runners who donated money for their massage after the event.

Funniest part of our day was when the announcer said that runners could go to the "Massage Parlour" .  Not quite our ethos at Fine Fettle but it worked we saw a lot of runners!!

Its our 2nd Birthday!!

This is me on the 6th of April 2010 on our very first day of opening and on the 6th of April this year we will be two years old.

Time flies when you having fun and I have to honestly say I love my job and I work with some fantastic people.  I have also met some great people through work from patients, locals to business associates/friends.

During the two years the other practitioners have built up good patient lists at Fine Fettle and this has given me the chance to take up a part time position of Academic Vice Principal at the Irish College of Osteopathic Medicine which involves a few visits to Dublin per month and some time away from Fine Fettle working on undergraduate level teaching prep every week.  I am still able to treat patients 4 days a week and do my "reception" duties one day a week so I'm still heavily steering the business but nice to get back to my other expertise of lecturing and running undergraduate Osteopathic courses.  Variety is the spice of life and it does keep my knowledge of Osteopathy very current.

Other things I have got involved with over the last two years are the Leatherhead Chamber of Commerce where I am now a Director on the board and just recently I was asked to become a committee member for the Bookham Traders Association which I have accepted.  So I actually don't take the advice that I give to my patients, I work very hard, have very little time off to rest but I DO LOVE MY JOB...how many people can say that?

Thanks to everyone who has supported Fine Fettle over the last two years and we are looking forward to many more and hopefully meeting even more of you.