Friday, 30 November 2012

Imagination by Sue Ford

Hi, me again....have been thinking about imagination and creativity this week.
Freeing up your imagination and releasing your creativity is like opening a door in your mind and hundreds of exquisite butterflies streaming out filling the air around you with gentle ripples of glorious colour. Feeling the brush of invention caress your cheek  as their wings lift them higher the sound of beating wings, a gentle lullaby, taking your dreams ideas and inspirations with them, releasing them into the universe letting them expand and develop. Some soar too quickly and like Icarus they melt and fall. They weren't fully formed, they had no direction, no focus, some faded as they saw how bright their companions were, but some...... glowed brighter until their beauty was awe inspiring and took your breath away and you're glad you released them and didn't keep them hidden away.
Then there are one or two that lead you down a different path to places that you didn't know existed. Places that can change ideas, beliefs and your life's goals.

Do you want to look at changing ideas or your life goals. Do you want to release your creativity? Why not come and have free 15 minute chat to see if hypnotherapy and NLP can help you?

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Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Here we have listed details of our first 2013 training courses:


A 3 hour workshop for therapists of any modality, exploring with NLP, verbal, non verbal, intentional and unintentional communication .
As a therapist there are many things you do instinctively, however when you become aware of what you are doing you can expand or change it depending on your patient or client. We will also discuss rapport building and how it can be used effectively to make your job easier and to make your patient feel more comfortable and relaxed.  
Tutor: Sue Ford is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, NLP Life Coach and a Hypnotherapy Trainer working out of Fine Fettle in Bookham and Elite Clinics in Wimbledon.  
DATE: SATURDAY 19th of JANUARY 2013  2-5pm
COST:  £50


Accredited First Aid Course*.
Presented by Gareth Workman a qualified Physiotherapist and experienced First Aid Trainer. This course will cover life threatening priorities; management of the unconscious casualty; Cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR); Circulatory disorders like shock, heart attack and severe bleeding as the main subjects. Topics covered will be in line with Health and Safety requirements .
 *The course is validated through Aid Training.
DATE: SATURDAY 3rd February 2-5PM


           SUNDAY  6th April 2013 10-1PM

DRESS: Appropriate loose fitting clothes
COST: £55 (includes accreditation fee for Aid Training)

 TO BOOK ANY TRAINING COURSE AT FINE FETTLE OR FOR FURTHER INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT US ON 01732 458984 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            01732 458984      end_of_the_skype_highlighting OR  email

CHANGE? By Sue Ford

SUE's 4th BLOG
Well nearly half way there of my once a week blogs up to Christmas. I'm going to let you decide what todays blog is about.....

Be brave for 20 seconds.....
That is all it would take
20 ticks of the clock he reckons
To change for everyone's sake

20 blinks of an eye
To step forward and say
Words that would make them cry
do it do not delay

20 breaths of a baby
He would if he knew how
He can.. Well maybe
Stand straight and do it now

20 chinese whispers 
Changing as they pass
Sounds gentle inquisitors
Then they'd raise a glass

20 gentle raps
Knocking at the door
Opportunity perhaps
Act now before the furore

To be brave he must face his fears
No matter how large or small
Breaking new frontiers
He must confront them all

20 seconds to change
Should he or shouldn't he
What do you think?

Why not pop in for a free 15 minute chat and see if hypnotherapy or NLP can help with anything you want to change? Don't forget if you have any comments you'd like to post I'd love to read them.

See you next week


Sue Ford
Clinical Hypnotherapist
NLP practitioner

01372 458984 Fine Fettle Multi-healthcare

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Worry Worry Worry by Sue Ford (hypnotherapy/NLP)

Well here we are week 3 of my blog and it hasn't been too onerous, in fact if I am honest I've quite enjoyed it - I might even consider continuing after Christmas!
Today's blog is about worries.

Jerry lived in a little flat on his own he was a very anxious person he worried about everything. Someone told him to write a worry down and that would make it disappear - well that was a load of rubbish he now dragged around a carrier bag that was full of bits of paper each with a worry written on! And not one had gone away he knew because he checked every day. As each day passed the bag became heavier and heavier and he became more and more anxious. Friends suggested he read all of the bits of paper and decided which ones to keep, which were important and which we're out of date and could be thrown because they were obsolete. He thought this was a great idea he laboriously went through the carrier bag again piece by piece and managed to get rid of the princely amount of nine and a half (the half one was because the problem was out of date but he knew it would come back at the same time next year, so it was just a worry on the back burner!)

None of this was helping, he was making himself ill. He had to do something but he didn't know what. One day when he was sitting on a park bench now with 2 carrier bags bursting at the seams resting on the floor by his feet. A large dog ran past and the bags went flying, each one of Jerry's worries took flight. The dog leapt into the air trying to catch the pieces of paper, Jerry leapt into the air trying to catch the pieces of paper, the old lady with her shopping trolley jumped into the air trying to catch the pieces of paper but to no avail. Some pieces of paper had got stuck in the trees some were floating on the pond,others were fluttering down as if it was a paper snow storm. All Jerry's worries were out there in the world out of his control and guess what nothing had happened no major disasters no catastrophes not even one minor disruption. Jerry began to laugh, the large dog barked happily and the old lady with the shopping trolley carried on about her business with a gentle smile on her face. Is this one of those happy ever after fairy tales? No, because Jerry will surely have new worries tomorrow but it is a story of possibility for change and finding coping strategies. Sometimes it's simply worth trying something different.

Do you feel snowed under with anxieties or overwhelmed with worries, why not see if hypnotherapy or NLP can help?

See you next week

To have a free 15 minute chat with Sue to see if hypnotherapy or NLP may be able to help you, contact us at or phone us on 01372 458984

Thursday, 8 November 2012

A post from a happy Fine Fettle customer......

Kevin Betts is a charity runner and a patient of Helen Bullen - Owner of Fine Fettle.  

Kev ran 52 marathons in memory of his Dad, Dick, who took his own life in 2003. He decided he wanted to make the most of the situation and use his experiences to demonstrate that out of adversity can come great strength and fortitude. Kev now dedicates a lot of time to talking to people about his challenge, about sport and about the importance of motivation, goal setting and positive mental health. Anecdotes are his thing – from being banned from Macdonalds in Shoreham for overuse of the lavatory facilities, to being caught putting Vaseline between his bum cheeks in a reputable gym, he has a way of getting tough things to make you smile. 

This is what Kevin had to say about Helen today in his count down of people who inspire him.  Helen made number 20!

People who inspire me: Day 20:Person 20

I’ve had an exhausting day where I’ve read a book about WordPress (thankfully, I  am now able to press a word), met some students and met a very like minded person who has an amazing outlook on life. More on her another time, I’m sure.
So on to today’s person. There are obviously people reading this thing, because I’ve had a fair few “I’d better be on there one day” remarks. Maybe, maybe not! Today, it’s someone who has never asked to be on here, and who would never expect to be on here, let alone want to be! It’s a lovely lady called Helen Bullen, who works 25 hours a day on her passion – Fine Fettle Multi Healthcare.
Helen is an Osteopath whose business offers everything from hypnotherapy to sports massage. She first got in touch with me right at the start of the 52 marathon challenge and simply said that if there’s any way she can help, she will. And she did! Advice, guidance, information, treatment, encouragement, laughs, pep talks – the lot! And never has she asked for a penny or an ounce of recognition.
Helen is the type of person who will offer you the world because she truly believes in what she is doing and the things her business has to offer. They’ve recently won a national award and I really believe that’s completely down to their open, honest and personal approach to what they do. There is no salesmanship, they are people who offer you everything you need and not a bit more. They don’t rip you off – they’re way too good for that.
Helen is as nice a person as you could meet. She exudes enthusiasm and appears to be a fantastic boss (I say appears to be, as I’ve never worked for her. Potentially, she might be a psychopath who locks her employees away. Although I doubt it.). She gives up her time for free, as well as her facilities, staff and equipment. You will find her on any given weekend out somewhere offering FREE treatments to people taking part in events for charity. If they are given money, it all goes to charity. She gives back over and over again. And people know that, and as a marketing tool it must pay dividends. Good on them!
When I first met Helen, she was ‘just an osteopath’. But having learned more about her, it turns out she’s one of the very best. She’s also something like an ex international volleyball player. Helen often flies to Dublin because she has a fancy job there. She’s something like the academic vice chancellor for magical osteopath skills. She takes an active role in teaching others her skills and as role models go, you couldn’t get better. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting her, try not to be infected by her enthusiasm – I dare you. It’s impossible – she’s more infectious than bird flu and you’ll leave a treatment from her with the desire to go and run a marathon there and then.
Helen inspires me to see the best in people, to give things back for free and to be enthusiastic about what I do. She’s made me want to do something that I truly love and to reap the rewards as a by-product of effort and giving, rather than as a direct goal. It’s because of Helen getting involved that I managed to complete my challenge and it’s because of Helen that I was able to keep running and say I. Won’t. Stop

Thanks Kevin for writing this.  You are right I do love what I do but your achievements far outweigh what little I did to support you on your challenge.  An amazing man - inspiring so many!! Helen Bullen 
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Sue's second blog - To write or not to write? ......PROCRASTINATION

It was being heard across the nation
Peter suffered from procrastination
First he had a dither then he had a pause
Before he knew what hit him he'd broken all the laws

About time being precious
What a crime it was to waste
he had to search his subconscious
He had to amend this with haste

Should he go left or should he go right
Maybe put off the decision till Saturday night
He scoured the horizon with his 20:20 vision
No wonder people looked at him with derision

Two steps forward three steps back
Should he wear a jumper or a plastic mac?
Was it best to walk or fly a plane
Better still maybe take the train

This was getting him nowhere
A case this serious was so rare
If he didn't move every so often
They'd carry him off in a bamboo coffin

Four steps forward then three in reverse
This hesitation was a curse
Gloria his friend made a suggestion
To get rid of his procrastination

Why don't you see a hypnotherapist
They could deal with this delaying terrorist
What you need is motivation
But where to start is relaxation

Although this poem is a light hearted look at procrastination for some people it is really serious and has a huge negative effect on their life. I believe hypnotherapy can help because as it says in the poem 'the place to start is relaxation' and hypnotherapy is able to help people relax and reassess what they are doing and why they are doing it. Sometimes the reasons can be quite surprising.
See you next week

To book a free 15 minute chat with Sue contact her on:
01372 458984 or

Thursday, 1 November 2012


My name is Sue and I am one of the hypnotherapists at Fine Fettle. Anyone who has met me knows how passionate I am about what I do, I wax lyrical about hypnosis and nlp  to anyone who stands still long enough to listen (I hasten to add I do stop if I see their eyes begin to glaze over - well mostly!)
When I see clients I talk a lot about three things in particular:-
1. Choices
2. Changes
3. Challenges

The other day I was thinking how much do I use these three things in my life - probably not as much as might be useful! So I have decided to bite the bullet and incorporate them more. Therefore I have set myself a challenge of writing a blog once a week until the end of the year.
I have always wanted to have a go at blogging but you know what it's like...... All the questions start flooding in:-
What shall I write about?
Will people be interested in what I have to say?
Have I got time?
And many more.....
However you can put loads of hurdles in front of something you want to do and put it off and delay it and think about it and discuss it.
The light bulb moment came when I realised 'you don't know unless you try!' Obvious really, but sometimes it's hard to see what 's under your nose.
So..... This is my FIRST BLOG...
I hope you enjoy reading them and I would love any comments back if you feel inclined.
My SECOND BLOG is going to be about the very thing I mentioned here, putting things off, in other words PROCRASTINATION.
See you next week

Hypnotherapist at Fine Fettle Multi-healthcare