Saturday, 27 October 2012

2nd Place....How to appreciate your achievements!!

Last weekend was a tense weekend for Fine Fettle MHC and for myself and my Practice Manager Debbie as we fought for two places in the top 3 in the UK and in Guernsey.

Fine Fettle Multi-healthcare, as you can read in my last blog, were amazingly short listed to the final three in the CAM UK clinic of the year competition.  The awards took place last Sunday.  Meanwhile myself and Debbie Frost (my Practice Manager, former team mate and England International) were away in Guernsey playing in the Guernsey Volleyball Open.

For those that don't know myself or Debbie I need to explain that we both used to play top level volleyball in the UK playing Division 1 (top division)  for Ashcombe, Dorking for many years.  Debbie is also an ex England player who has many caps and is listed in the volleyball hall of fame for her contribution to England Volleyball.  What I do have to add is that we are both now retired from top level volleyball, in fact neither of us have played properly for years.

Well we travelled out to Guernsey to meet out former team mates for a fun tournament with no pressure on winning games as only three out of the 9 of our team had played in the last year.  Well despite all the odds and after a shaky start we actually found out that we still have some of what it takes and by the semi finals we blew the opposition away.  The finals loomed but despite a great performance, considering our lack of any match play, we lost but it was a well fought game and we were ecstatic  to have got so far.  A money prize and trophies were gratefully received.

Meanwhile, Eddie my partner had travelled to Earls Court for the presentation of  the clinic awards and again we just lost in the final.  I have to admit I was gutted to come a runner up but as this week has passed I have realised what an achievement it was to be runner up in the UK clinic awards.  An amazing achievement as we have only been open 2 1/2 years. To be the 2nd best clinic in the country really isn't that bad!!

So coming second twice was actually amazing and I need to appreciate what we have done.  Initially, being so competitive I was down that we had not won either but after some reflection and hearing the congratulations from our patients and friends I have realised that 2nd isn't that bad..............

If you have not visited us yet at Fine Fettle then do pop in to see us.  We are a friendly bunch and love meeting new people and telling them what we do. We also have our trophy and certificate up in reception!!


Chief runner up.......Helen Bullen - Fine Fettle Multi-healthcare!!!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Wow, Wow, Wow...................

Way back in early September I (Helen Bullen) decided to enter Fine Fettle in the CAM (Complementary Natural and Integrated Healthcare) Clinic Awards. Anyone who knows me will know that I live and breath Fine Fettle and we so strive to be the best clinic there is.

I actually didn't tell anyone at Fine Fettle I had entered us, as being such a large competition and nationwide I  wasn't sure we would be recognised.  I duly sent off all our details within the set number of words and secretly crossed my fingers...Well today it all paid off.  Early today we got a call, much to the surprise of reception, from the CAM expo organisers to ask us to attend their awards ceremony on Sunday 21st of October 2012 as we had been short listed to the final three for the

THE FINAL THREE - this is an incredible achievement for us and we will be proud what ever the outcome.  The award is to be judged by a group of industry professionals and will be presented at camexpo, the industry's most presitgious event, which takes place at Earls Court on Sunday 21st of October.

I will add, however that so far Fine Fettle has come runner up in the Leatherhead Chamber of Commerce Business of the year awards 2010 and I was runner up in Business Personality awards 2010 and we came 3rd in the Leatherhead Chamber Customer Care awards in 2011.  SO PLEASE - COULD WE JUST WIN ONE!!!  This one also has a £500 reward for coming first!!

The next problem is the awards are this Sunday. Well after 4 years of not playing volleyball very much it is just this weekend that I happen to be playing in the Guernsey Volleyball Open  with all my old team mates.  We won this tournament for about 10 years in a row and although we are all ageing I  think a double win on Sunday would be fantastic!!  (I can hear my mates laughing now...I probably wont be walking on Sunday let alone getting to the final!!)  Just as an aside the Guernsey Open final is always worth getting into.  I have had many years of being on Guernsey TV coming out of a smoke filled corridor to strobbing lights on court to be presented to the crowd!!  Those were the days!!  Can the old girl make a come back!!???

So what to do about Sunday????  Well luckily I have some fantastic therapists at Fine Fettle and 3 of them hope to get up to Earls Court for the awards.  Team Fine Fettle are a fantastic group of therapist who all put in 100% into the clinic.  They are the people that make Fine Fettle the fantastic multi-healthcare centre and I truly THANK them all for working with me and for providing such excellent care for all our clients.

Will blog again soon with the result but we are already ecstatic that we are short listed to the final 3 from so many other clinics nationwide.  WELL DONE TO THE FETTLER TEAM!!

Owner and Senior Osteopath
BSc (Hons) Ost Med, MSMA

Thursday, 11 October 2012



In late March I signed up to cycle from Lands End to John O'Groats as part of the Deloitte Ride Across Britain event.
My good friend Nicola, was undergoing treatment for a rare head tumour at the Royal Marsden at the time, and to try and allay any feelings of being utterly useless, decided that raising money for the Royal Marsden was the only thing I could do.

I am a keen cyclist but the Ride Across Britain event was quite an undertaking - over 960 miles in 9 days. I was one of over 600 who took part, cycling through some of Britain's best scenery. From the sunlit, saw-tooth profiles of Cornwall and Devon, flat(ish) but wet stages through Shropshire and the north west, to the windswept peaks of the Lake district and the epic grandeur of the Scottish Highlands.

A knee injury on day 1 made the first 3 stages rather testing, but crashing at 20mph on day 5 made the rest of the trip even more of a challenge. (a note to all cyclists, always wear a helmet. My helmet did it's job, it cracked, my head didn't!) Getting up at 5.30 from a cold, wet tent, with gravel rash on my knee, hip, shoulder and hands wasn't fun. But that, and cycling 100+ miles in a day was an easy thing to do when compared with the operations and treatments that my friend and thousands of others go through. That thought spurred me on and kept my pedals turning until the finish line at John O'Groats.

Riding from Lands End to John O'Groats was a brilliant challenge - the British weather played it's part - we had sun, rain, sleet, some tailwinds, some headwinds, and hills are hills. The sense of achievement at completing it is, in itself, great but knowing that I was raising money for a fantastic cause made it even better. My friend Nicola was given the all-clear in August, others who find themselves at the Royal Marsden might not be so lucky. If you would like to donate money to the Royal Marsden to help them continue to do such brilliant work please visit my fundraising page...


Jonathan Ellsmore 
Sports Therapist/rehab specialist/personal trainer and cycling enthusiast from FINE FETTLE.

If you would like to book an appointment for treatment with Jonathan please call 01372 458984 or email

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