Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Sue's penultimate blog

Alittle rant........

Everybody is allowed a little rant every now and then and this is mine........
The majority of us take some time out of our busy lives to look after ourselves which I think is a pretty good idea........(you can hear the 'but' coming can't you?, well that's not quite right because I am an NLPer so I use the word 'however').......however it's usually something physical, having our hair cut, seeing an osteopath if our body needs putting back to default, going for a massage, going to the dentist, going to our gp, I could go on. You notice that there is nothing about our minds or emotions, a lot of people seem to think of it as a weakness or a waste of time to take stock of our lives and see if there is anything we want to change or see how close we are to achieving the goals we have set ourselves (if we've set any that is!). I heard someone once say 'Change is an action not a reaction' and this is so true. So why not make 2013 your year to put that right, take some time to audit your life and take care of your mind and emotions? You don't know what you can achieve until you try.
This reminds me of a quote from 'Alice in Wonderland'
Alice 'That's impossible.'
Mad Hatter 'only if you believe it is'
Ok end of rant, feel better now I've got that off my chest.
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Sue Ford
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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Hi still going  only two more bloggs after this one!  I'll ignore those of you that cheered!  This week I'd like people to think about how much confidence they've got and whether they would like more.

I am reminded of a story of a man called Jack Who carried a box that was strapped to his back It was the same box he carried every day Carefully, protectively, come what may 'What's in the box? '
People would wonder
'What's in the box ?'
People would ponder
'Is it a fish like a cod?'
Jack definitely did not nod
'Is it an exotic flower for us to see ?'
Jack would smile enigmatically
'Is it a document of vital importance ?'
Jack would shake his head with annoyance Until one day a boy asked him outright 'What is in the box? '
Jack looked at the boy and his smile was bright He put the box down just missing his socks Which were purple and orange with holes in each toe through these holes his nails would grow He pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket And then a pencil and his mother's locket And after that a firework rocket Which if lit may take your eye out of its socket He leaned the piece of paper on the lid And wrote..My voice I call it Sid 'What's it doing in the box?' the boy asked I'm looking after it Jack wrote at last Protecting and caring for it The boy was silent for a bit 'How does it sound?'
Jack looked puzzled
Wrote on the paper and looked around
'I don't know he's been muzzled'
'How strange' said the boy
'To have a voice and never speak
To have a voice that could never express joy Does it make you feel like a freak?'
Jack shrugged expressively
'Do you not have any questions?'the boy asked Jack nodded vigorously 'Well what's stopping you?' the boy said at last Rubbing his face rigorously Jack scribbled Do you think I could?
He was so excited he actually dribbled!

Think and speak outside the box
Your opinion is unique and valid

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See you next week

Sue x

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