Thursday, 8 November 2012

A post from a happy Fine Fettle customer......

Kevin Betts is a charity runner and a patient of Helen Bullen - Owner of Fine Fettle.  

Kev ran 52 marathons in memory of his Dad, Dick, who took his own life in 2003. He decided he wanted to make the most of the situation and use his experiences to demonstrate that out of adversity can come great strength and fortitude. Kev now dedicates a lot of time to talking to people about his challenge, about sport and about the importance of motivation, goal setting and positive mental health. Anecdotes are his thing – from being banned from Macdonalds in Shoreham for overuse of the lavatory facilities, to being caught putting Vaseline between his bum cheeks in a reputable gym, he has a way of getting tough things to make you smile. 

This is what Kevin had to say about Helen today in his count down of people who inspire him.  Helen made number 20!

People who inspire me: Day 20:Person 20

I’ve had an exhausting day where I’ve read a book about WordPress (thankfully, I  am now able to press a word), met some students and met a very like minded person who has an amazing outlook on life. More on her another time, I’m sure.
So on to today’s person. There are obviously people reading this thing, because I’ve had a fair few “I’d better be on there one day” remarks. Maybe, maybe not! Today, it’s someone who has never asked to be on here, and who would never expect to be on here, let alone want to be! It’s a lovely lady called Helen Bullen, who works 25 hours a day on her passion – Fine Fettle Multi Healthcare.
Helen is an Osteopath whose business offers everything from hypnotherapy to sports massage. She first got in touch with me right at the start of the 52 marathon challenge and simply said that if there’s any way she can help, she will. And she did! Advice, guidance, information, treatment, encouragement, laughs, pep talks – the lot! And never has she asked for a penny or an ounce of recognition.
Helen is the type of person who will offer you the world because she truly believes in what she is doing and the things her business has to offer. They’ve recently won a national award and I really believe that’s completely down to their open, honest and personal approach to what they do. There is no salesmanship, they are people who offer you everything you need and not a bit more. They don’t rip you off – they’re way too good for that.
Helen is as nice a person as you could meet. She exudes enthusiasm and appears to be a fantastic boss (I say appears to be, as I’ve never worked for her. Potentially, she might be a psychopath who locks her employees away. Although I doubt it.). She gives up her time for free, as well as her facilities, staff and equipment. You will find her on any given weekend out somewhere offering FREE treatments to people taking part in events for charity. If they are given money, it all goes to charity. She gives back over and over again. And people know that, and as a marketing tool it must pay dividends. Good on them!
When I first met Helen, she was ‘just an osteopath’. But having learned more about her, it turns out she’s one of the very best. She’s also something like an ex international volleyball player. Helen often flies to Dublin because she has a fancy job there. She’s something like the academic vice chancellor for magical osteopath skills. She takes an active role in teaching others her skills and as role models go, you couldn’t get better. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting her, try not to be infected by her enthusiasm – I dare you. It’s impossible – she’s more infectious than bird flu and you’ll leave a treatment from her with the desire to go and run a marathon there and then.
Helen inspires me to see the best in people, to give things back for free and to be enthusiastic about what I do. She’s made me want to do something that I truly love and to reap the rewards as a by-product of effort and giving, rather than as a direct goal. It’s because of Helen getting involved that I managed to complete my challenge and it’s because of Helen that I was able to keep running and say I. Won’t. Stop

Thanks Kevin for writing this.  You are right I do love what I do but your achievements far outweigh what little I did to support you on your challenge.  An amazing man - inspiring so many!! Helen Bullen 
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