Friday, 30 November 2012

Imagination by Sue Ford

Hi, me again....have been thinking about imagination and creativity this week.
Freeing up your imagination and releasing your creativity is like opening a door in your mind and hundreds of exquisite butterflies streaming out filling the air around you with gentle ripples of glorious colour. Feeling the brush of invention caress your cheek  as their wings lift them higher the sound of beating wings, a gentle lullaby, taking your dreams ideas and inspirations with them, releasing them into the universe letting them expand and develop. Some soar too quickly and like Icarus they melt and fall. They weren't fully formed, they had no direction, no focus, some faded as they saw how bright their companions were, but some...... glowed brighter until their beauty was awe inspiring and took your breath away and you're glad you released them and didn't keep them hidden away.
Then there are one or two that lead you down a different path to places that you didn't know existed. Places that can change ideas, beliefs and your life's goals.

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See you next week


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