Thursday, 8 November 2012

Sue's second blog - To write or not to write? ......PROCRASTINATION

It was being heard across the nation
Peter suffered from procrastination
First he had a dither then he had a pause
Before he knew what hit him he'd broken all the laws

About time being precious
What a crime it was to waste
he had to search his subconscious
He had to amend this with haste

Should he go left or should he go right
Maybe put off the decision till Saturday night
He scoured the horizon with his 20:20 vision
No wonder people looked at him with derision

Two steps forward three steps back
Should he wear a jumper or a plastic mac?
Was it best to walk or fly a plane
Better still maybe take the train

This was getting him nowhere
A case this serious was so rare
If he didn't move every so often
They'd carry him off in a bamboo coffin

Four steps forward then three in reverse
This hesitation was a curse
Gloria his friend made a suggestion
To get rid of his procrastination

Why don't you see a hypnotherapist
They could deal with this delaying terrorist
What you need is motivation
But where to start is relaxation

Although this poem is a light hearted look at procrastination for some people it is really serious and has a huge negative effect on their life. I believe hypnotherapy can help because as it says in the poem 'the place to start is relaxation' and hypnotherapy is able to help people relax and reassess what they are doing and why they are doing it. Sometimes the reasons can be quite surprising.
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