Thursday, 23 September 2010


No but I am less weight I have lost 6lb. Not losing as fast as I would like but before anyone else says it ...... I know it is better to lose slowly and steadily, it’s just that although my body might be slow with the additional weight my mind is actually very fit and athletic and is impatient to get things moving so that I can achieve the goal I have set myself.

Have had a couple of occasions where I thought I had more pressing things to think about than losing weight but realised that perhaps this was a path I had travelled down before that leads to a dead end where I give up! So after I had spoken to myself quite sternly (at my age it is quite alright to talk to yourself) I feel I am back on track. However I have realised that self motivation is not my strong point. I enjoy motivating others but with myself I have realised I need help. Thus I am going to add yet another tool to my weight loss toolbox. There is now a personal trainer working out of Finefettle. Kim Raine is setting up a small group for people who want to start exercising but maybe don’t feel quite ready to exercise alongside all those fit regular gym goers. The training will take place out in the fresh air and each person will train to their own ability (although I don’t think you will be allowed to slack off just because you don’t think you can do something if Kim thinks you can!) I think details will be advertised soon.

Thank you for reading my blog, writing things down is quite cathartic in itself. Hopefully there will be less of me writing my next one.

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