Wednesday, 3 November 2010

National Stress Awareness Day - November 3rd 2010

It is the 12th National Stress Awareness Day TODAY!!! Wednesday 3rd of November.

Relaxation: Luxury or Necessity?

We live life today at such a fast hectic pace, even general day to day living can build up pressure.  Unless we regularly reduce this pressure the stress caused can have a detrimental effect on our mind and our body.  Some pressure is beneficial helping us to organise our lives and focus on what we need to achieve.  However if we allow the pressure to continue building it can have the opposite effect leaving us feeling unable to cope, exhausted, tense and inadequate.  This can then have a knock on to our physical health dampening our immune systems so that we are more susceptible to illness. Stress can also cause sleep deprivation and worry which can affect our ability to concentrate and the list goes on....

Relaxation can help us restore balance, giving us time to reassess and prioritise enabling us to continue on once again.

So we at Fine Fettle believe the answer to the above question is a resounding.........NECESSITY!

We think that targeting stress by using both mental and physical relaxation can be doubly effective.  So a bit like the old "pick "n" mix" you choose two therapies from back massage, reflexology and hypnotherapy and we will combine them in an hour long session.

"Relaxation Combination"

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