Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Juts thought I should blog my day so far...Lets just say a day in the life of fine fettle has been different.

Started my day with a fabulous run over Bookham Common.  The snow was new and I was the first to spoil it with my footmarks.  Life was good and the sun trying to peek through....

Home and showered now should I take the car?  Decided I would walk so off I went through Fetcham avoiding kids on sledges.  Came across the first car only 5 minutes into my trek so got splattered with snow pushing a poor lady who could not get up her road.  Turned out she had been trying to get home all night, slept in the car and was dug out this am.  We managed to push her car into a local halls car park and she finished the rest of the journey on foot. 

I carried on out of Fetcham and into Bookham and again found someone trying to get into their drive, 5 kids with sledges in tow and me again pushed for all we were worth and safely go the car to rest in the drive.

45 minutes later, faster than I had managed to drive home the night before I arrived at Fine Fettle and thanked god I had the foresight to leave heaters on.  No time to waste I then spent 20 minutes going through calls from clients who needed to cancel and rearrange.  Not our best week for patient numbers this week!!!

Next I set to with the snow outside out door.  We have a slight slope to our entrance porch and it was starting to get icy so out with my new shovel to shift the ice that lay outside....It was fantastic and any fears I may get cold soon vanished as I built up quite a sweat to move the ice.  Pleased with my work I then gritted the floor.  Made me laugh when one old man asked if I was going to do the rest of the high street and why was it not done yesterday!! He was very aggressive until I informed him I didn't work for the council to which he then changed his tune and decided it was disgraceful that I was having to do it....Anyway I helped him across the road and left him mumbling his angst along the high street.

I then sat and watched the world pass Fine Fettles door and many people pushing cars out of the top of the high street.  Such great community spirit.  I then watched in horror to see that I had just spoilt the fun of all the local kids who instead of being pulled by Mum on their sled past our door now had to jump off as i had removed it all!!  One kid was most disgusted and glared at me through the door!!!

Two patients did make it in today so treated them, although I was wearing my jeans, 3 jumpers, leggings and socks.  My wellies were one step too far.  They had a laugh at my professional persona being thrown out the door!! 

So now all is quiet and I am sure it will be now all week.  Lets hope Saturday is snow free as we now have a very busy day with all the rearranged appointments!! PLEASE LET THE SNOW GO!!

One last thing I now have to do and this is probably the hardest...I am going to shut up early and meet all the other fellow "snow day" locals at the Anchor pub on my walk home.  Hope to get to the Bell too on my way maybe the snow ain't so bad!!

Owner/Osteopath/Mad snow woman!!

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