Thursday, 15 November 2012

Worry Worry Worry by Sue Ford (hypnotherapy/NLP)

Well here we are week 3 of my blog and it hasn't been too onerous, in fact if I am honest I've quite enjoyed it - I might even consider continuing after Christmas!
Today's blog is about worries.

Jerry lived in a little flat on his own he was a very anxious person he worried about everything. Someone told him to write a worry down and that would make it disappear - well that was a load of rubbish he now dragged around a carrier bag that was full of bits of paper each with a worry written on! And not one had gone away he knew because he checked every day. As each day passed the bag became heavier and heavier and he became more and more anxious. Friends suggested he read all of the bits of paper and decided which ones to keep, which were important and which we're out of date and could be thrown because they were obsolete. He thought this was a great idea he laboriously went through the carrier bag again piece by piece and managed to get rid of the princely amount of nine and a half (the half one was because the problem was out of date but he knew it would come back at the same time next year, so it was just a worry on the back burner!)

None of this was helping, he was making himself ill. He had to do something but he didn't know what. One day when he was sitting on a park bench now with 2 carrier bags bursting at the seams resting on the floor by his feet. A large dog ran past and the bags went flying, each one of Jerry's worries took flight. The dog leapt into the air trying to catch the pieces of paper, Jerry leapt into the air trying to catch the pieces of paper, the old lady with her shopping trolley jumped into the air trying to catch the pieces of paper but to no avail. Some pieces of paper had got stuck in the trees some were floating on the pond,others were fluttering down as if it was a paper snow storm. All Jerry's worries were out there in the world out of his control and guess what nothing had happened no major disasters no catastrophes not even one minor disruption. Jerry began to laugh, the large dog barked happily and the old lady with the shopping trolley carried on about her business with a gentle smile on her face. Is this one of those happy ever after fairy tales? No, because Jerry will surely have new worries tomorrow but it is a story of possibility for change and finding coping strategies. Sometimes it's simply worth trying something different.

Do you feel snowed under with anxieties or overwhelmed with worries, why not see if hypnotherapy or NLP can help?

See you next week

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  1. Hypnotherapy is a powerful and effective method of solving a wide variety of physical, mental and emotional problems.

    Alistair Horscroft
    Hypnotherapy Training

    1. Hi Alistair thank you for posting a comment, it's good to know there's people wanting to communicate, especially when they say things that I really agree with!